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SHPE Conference
The 2007 SHPE Conference marks the beginning of a new era for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). The SHPE Conference, formerly called the National Technical and Career Conference (NTCC) and held in January, is the largest Hispanic technical conference in the nation. This fall we anticipate over 6,000 Hispanic students, professionals, corporate representatives and community leaders from around the country to attend SHPE's premier event. 

National Technical and Career Conference (NTCC)
NTCC is the major event for SHPE and the largest technical and career conference for Hispanics in the country. Each year, NTCC attracts nearly 5,000 engineering professionals, students and corporate representatives. The conference is an opportunity for engineering companies and corporations to recruit top talent from SHPE membership. It also provides educational, technical and career opportunities for professional and student engineers.

Midwest Expo (ME)
SHPE has three regional conferences across the country: West Coast Career Expo, Eastern Technical and Career Conference, and our very own Midwest Expo!

National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA)
This event is exclusively designed to provide newly-elected student and professional chapter presidents with the resources for enhancing leadership and communication skills that are required for effectively managing your professional and personal lives. Personal management and strategic planning skills are essential to be successful in your SHPE chapters. Therefore, the NILA committee is dedicated to providing you with some of the integral tools to achieve success in your chapter, academia, and SHPE. The SHPE experience can strengthen your opportunities for success!

Regional Student Leadership Conference (RSLC) (Region 6)
SHPE stages regional student leadership conferences on a yearly basis for the leadership of the SHPE student chapters to improve their organizational, managerial, and technical skills. They take place in all of the seven SHPE regions. This program helps college students develop and improve their pre-college outreach programs and improve the infrastructure of SHPE student chapters. Student leaders learn how to interact and network with SHPE's corporate supporters.