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The easiest way to join SHPE is to apply online (Click here). The link provided will direct you to the online process where you will follow the online directions and pay by credit card.

If you do not have a credit card or have any questions you can apply in person with the printed form. Please print out a copy of the membership form from the website and bring $5 for the membership fee (Freshman exempt from membership fee). If you would like one of our members to contact you about joining, you can send a note to


Member Benefits

  1. Progress towards the advancement of the Hispanic community in the sciences and engineering.
  2. Keep in touch with employment opportunities and advancement techniques in the fast moving technology field. (SHPE Conference 2007 & Regional Leadership Development Conference 2008)
  3. To meet and interact with others with common goals.
  4. To be part of a close "Familia" (family) dedicated to social and professional self advancement.